A girl once possessed by a demon finds that it still lurks within her. Meanwhile, a priest investigates the death of the girl's exorcist.

Regan MacNeil: Was it in Africa?
Father Lamont: Yes.
Dr. Gene Tuskin: How do you know that?
Regan MacNeil: Well, it looked like something I saw at the natural history museum.
Dr. Gene Tuskin: But you weren't suppose to remember anything.
Regan MacNeil: I know.
Pazuzu: No! Once the wings have brushed you, you're mine forever!
Regan MacNeil: I wish you'd help Father Lamont. He needs your help.
Dr. Gene Tuskin: What do you mean? How can I help him? I don't know how to help him.
Regan MacNeil: Yes, you do.
Dr. Gene Tuskin: Regan, what are you talking about?
Regan MacNeil: You know... going into sync... trying to reach him like that.
Dr. Gene Tuskin: You told me he was in Africa.
Regan MacNeil: When you're in sync, it's different. I mean, it doesn't matter where you are. You can find them... you know, help them.
Dr. Gene Tuskin: Regan, is that why you haven't been coming to see me? 'Cause I won't let you into sync?
Regan MacNeil: Yes.
Dr. Gene Tuskin: I can't. I have to do what I think is best for you.
Father Lamont: The power... it's getting nearer. Can't you feel it? The power is immense. It fills me. I can do anything.
Father Lamont: The enemy of the human race is subdued.
Pazuzu: Kill her! We command you!
Father Lamont: Pazuzu has brushed me with his wings.
Regan MacNeil: Don't worry. Father Merrin will help us.
[first lines]
[pre-release version]
Father Lamont: [narrating] Father Lanchester Merrin died in Georgetown near Washington, D.C. while attempting to exorcise a 12-year-old child, Regan MacNeil.
Father Lamont: You realize what you're up against, don't you? Evil. Evil is a spiritual being, alive and living, perverted and perverting, weaving its way insidiously into the very fabric of life.
Father Lamont: If he can teach me how he has survived Pazuzu... I'll come back and let you know.
Pazuzu: Regan! Come! We're going flying far, far away!
Father Lamont: I've flown this route before. It was on the wings of a demon.
Father Lamont: Let's stick to science.
Father Lamont: Don't hide behind science, you're better than that!
Regan MacNeil: Be joined with us, Father.
Regan MacNeil: Father, please don't be lost to me.
Father Lamont: It was horrible, utterly horrible... and fascinating!
[first lines]
[theatrical version]
Possessed Woman: Father! Agh! Agh! Oh, Father!
Older Kokumo: If Pazuzu comes for you I will spit a leopard.
Regan MacNeil: You want me to take you to him?
Father Lamont: Yes.
Regan MacNeil: Come. Fly the teeth of the wind. Share my wings.
Father Lamont: Don't you understand... that I was face to face with the Evil that's inside her. Your machine has proved scientifically that there's an ancient demon locked within her!
Regan MacNeil: Call me by my dream name. Call me!
Father Lamont: If I can find this man Kokumo, it would prove beyond doubt that the exorcisms were valid.
Father Lamont: Were you ever...
Older Kokumo: Possessed by Pazuzu?
Older Kokumo: That's what my mother used to tell me.
Dr. Gene Tuskin: Where is she?
Sharon: She's on the roof. She's always there. I can't lock her up.
Father Lamont: Merrin defeated you.
Pazuzu: No, in his own place of power he gained a little time. That's all.
Father Lamont: It was because the boy was a healer. That's why you attacked him. Now I see. But Merrin saved him.
Pazuzu: Never! I could claim Kokumo even now. I'll show you power.
Father Lamont: He's still alive! Where is he?
Pazuzu: You want me to take you to him?
Father Lamont: Yes.
Pazuzu: Are you sure?
Father Lamont: Show me.
Pazuzu: [Pazuzu's and Regan's voice speaking at the same time] Come, fly the teeth of the wind. Share my wings.
Father Lamont: When the wings have brushed you... is there no hope once the wings have brushed you?
Regan MacNeil: He's with me. Come down. Down, Father. To meet me.
Father Lamont: You've got to fight that demon that's inside her! It's preventing her from reaching full spiritual power!
[last lines]
Policeman: Lady, are you okay?
Father Merrin: Not only Kokumo, but others like him began to appear in the world. I found these people where I could, and tried to protect them against evil. So Satan has sent Pazuzu to destroy this goodness. Phillip, you must take my place. She's precious, and I entrust her to you.
Dr. Gene Tuskin: It's hard to live alone. Don't you ever need a woman, Father?
Father Lamont: Yes.
Sharon: All the time, I longed to see her. Finally, I came back and found that when I'm with her is the only time when I'm at peace. Why would that be? I can't understand it, it frightens me!
Father Lamont: Have you tried a psychiatrist or a priest?
Sharon: I'm talking to one now, aren't I?
Father Lamont: Pazuzu, king of the evil spirits of the air, help me to find Kokumo!
[regarding the Catholic Church]
Father Lamont: Satan has become an embarrassment to our progressive views.
Regan MacNeil: You must tear out her evil heart.
The Cardinal: You're in dire need of prayer. I suggest you make a retreat.
Father Lamont: A retreat? Why not an advance?
Regan MacNeil: What's the matter with you?
Sandra Phalor: [hesitant, stuttering] I'm autistic.
Regan MacNeil: How do you mean?
Sandra Phalor: I'm withdrawn. I can't talk.
Regan MacNeil: But you're talking now.
Sandra Phalor: [shakes head no]
Regan MacNeil: Yes, you are. I can hear you.
Sandra Phalor: You can hear me?
Regan MacNeil: Sure!
Sandra Phalor: [pause] What's the matter with you?
Regan MacNeil: I was possessed by a demon. Oh, it's okay. He's gone!
Regan MacNeil: Father, see me. Please, see me.
Father Lamont: Was, uh... was Father Merrin afraid?
Sharon: You'd better see where it happened.
Pazuzu: Pazuzu's Regan is the only Regan.

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