Years before Father Lancaster Merrin helped save Regan MacNeil's soul, he first encounters the demon Pazuzu in East Africa. This is the tale of Father Merrin's initial battle with Pazuzu and the rediscovery of his faith.

Sarah: [Possessed] He
Sarah: doesn't care about this whore. But you do... because you want to shove your rotten cock up her juicy ass!
Sarah: [Possessed] What's the matter, Merrin? Don't you wanna fuck me any more?
Sergeant Major: God is not here today, priest!
Sarah: Sometimes I think the best view of God is from Hell.
Father Francis: This is the spot where Lucifer fell.
Father Francis: You asked the question, now you listen to the answer!
Father Merrin: Everbody died... Who buried them?
[last lines]
Father Merrin: It's Father Merrin.
Father Merrin: Having orgies including goats doesn't make them possessed, simply horny... and inventive.
Sarah: This place... it's cursed.

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