A psychiatrist (Gere) has an affair with his patient's sister (Basinger) who is married to a Greek mobster (Roberts). The mobster is a tyrant over his wife. The psychiatrist wants her to ... See full summary¬†¬Ľ

Mike O'Brien: [his last line] Ever consider you got the wrong sister?
Heather Evans: Do you come out here a lot?
Isaac Barr: No, just in moments of existential anxiety and when I want to impress a date.
Isaac Barr: She's not the type of girl you stop seeing.
[first lines]
Diana Baylor: [on psychiatrist's couch] I had the dream again. I'm arranging flowers, on a table, for a center piece. I decorate the flower pot with fancy paper. Feels like velvet. There are three different kinds of flowers. There are lilies, and there are... by the way, did you reach my sister?
Isaac Barr: [Realising the truth about Heather's troubled childhood] It was 'YOU' your father RAPED! 'MORE' THAN ONCE! You couldn't take it could you? You just snapped!... and then you killed him! That night as he was passed out on the sofa soaked in booze... all you had to do was strike a match! Maybe your father deserved to die! Maybe Jimmy deserved it too!
[Heather briefly breaks down in tears]
Heather Evans: [screams] You think you can shrink me like one of fucking patients!
Isaac Barr: [to buddy's advice to get out more] I look at people's thoughts. I try to figure out what they really mean. You do this enough, after a while people, they stop surprising you. I just want to be surprised, Mike.
Isaac Barr: [to Heather] I would have done anything for you... except what I did for you.
Isaac Barr: He thought I was from the justice department. Is the dress that bad?
[Isaac Barr and Alan Lowenthal are talking about Heather Evans before Alan Lowenthal has met her]
Alan Lowenthal: I suppose now you're gonna tell me you have feelings for this woman?
Isaac Barr: To tell you the truth I can't I can't stop thinking about her...
Alan Lowenthal: Isaac, you know as well as I do that romantic love is a projection. You're not seeing this woman
Isaac Barr: Hehe, get out of here...
Alan Lowenthal: It's a vision... You're in a delusional state.
Isaac Barr: It's not delusional.
Alan Lowenthal: Yes it is. It's delusional. There is no human being, no woman that's so beautiful - so special - that all of your normal thought patterns
[Heather Evans enters the room]
Alan Lowenthal: Eh, can I help you?
Heather Evans: I can't imagine doing what you do.
Isaac Barr: Why not?
Heather Evans: Just talking to people every day about their problems? What do you say?
Isaac Barr: The shrink does... you repeat the last to words people say, and you rephrase it like a question. So: your mother?
Diana Baylor: [her last line] I really shouldn't drink... well maybe one glass
[sips the wine]

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