A pilot is sent into the Soviet Union on a mission to steal a prototype jet fighter that can be partially controlled by a neuralink

General Vladimirov: [on targeting the MiG-31] The infrared guidance system is not the most accurate. It may be necessary for a Soviet aircraft to act as a target. Will you give that order?
First Secretary: [after a moment's thought] Of course.
First Secretary: Calm yourself, Vladimirov...
General Vladimirov: Calm... calm myself? How can I be calm in your stupidity, STUPIDITY! Losing that aircraft to the Americans... Do you know what this man Gant is? He can land a plane on an ice floe and take off again! You must *ACT*, First Secretary!
Air Marshal Kutuzov: You had considered, First Secretary, that this could all be an elaborate bluff by the Americans to distract us from looking to the north, while this single aircraft attempts to escape to the south?
First Secretary: No, Kutuzov, the Americans are simply paying the price for too many years of softness - paying with an act of desperation such as this one.
Air Marshal Kutuzov: You are absolutely certain?
First Secretary: I am certain. They know the potential of this aircraft; they know what it means. I would imagine that, had our positions been reversed, we might have acted similarly.
Riga Technician: Target does not appear to be taking avoiding action, Captain!
Captain of the Riga: He will!
Maj. Gant: [in the MiG-31] I can't take evasive action, I'm too low on fuel. I'm going in. Let's see what this baby can do.
Maj. Gant: Aren't you gonna threaten me or something?
First Secretary: I will do so, if that is what you wish. But first I will merely ask you to return what does not belong to you.
Col. Kontarsky: The KGB has just arrested Boris Glazunov, at his flat. Who is in the truck with Upenskoy?
Customs Officer: [confused] Well, it should be Boris Glazunov.
Col. Kontarsky: Exactly! It *should* be Glazunov, *if* Upenskoy is making a delivery.
Customs Officer: Sir, the truck is definitely heading out of the city.
Col. Kontarsky: Well, this is most curious.
Col. Kontarsky: Where is Upenskoy supposed to make his delivery?
Customs Officer: I don't know, but we can certainly find out.
Col. Kontarsky: No. Follow the car to the checkpoint. Priabin is bringing in the other Jew. Perhaps he can tell me something...
RAF operator: Sir! Radar tracking reports signs of a staggered sector scramble, Northern and Southern boarder squadrons, Red Air Force. Heavy coded trafic between Biliysk and the Red Banner Fleet. Predicted activity indicates a definite lift off!
Buckholz: He's up! Great mother of god, he's up!
Upenskoy: Gant, can you fly that plane? Really fly it?
Maj. Gant: Yeah, I can fly it. I'm the best there is.
First Secretary: This is the First Secretary. I am speaking to the individual who has stolen the property of the U.S.S.R. Can your hear me, Mr. Gant?
Maj. Gant: [in the MiG-31] Oh, we're getting the royal treatment.
[activates radio]
Maj. Gant: Yeah, go ahead, I'm listening.
First Secretary: Are you enjoying your ride, Mr. Gant? Like our new toy?
Upenskoy: Fighting city hall, as you put it, is a freedom we do not enjoy.
Maj. Gant: [to Upenskoy] Don't you Jews ever get tired of fighting City Hall?
Buckholz: [learning false news that Gant was shot down] Well I guess that's it. We might as well all go home.
Kenneth Aubrey: We don't know that he was shot down.
Buckholz: The hell we don't know! You tell me. An explosion over the Kara gulf, Wire COM hears it! Our reconnaissance planes report it!
Kenneth Aubrey: *We don't know* he's lost!
Buckholz: Really? Then what was all that coded stuff we intercepted between Bilyarsk and the Fire chain stations? They got him, Aubrey! They blew his ass right out of the sky!
Kenneth Aubrey: I don't know. It could mean they didn't get him. Admiral, I think that we should notify Mother 1 to begin transmitting the signal.
Admiral Curtin: Right, it's time. Arthur?
Buckholz: [softly] Yeah.
Dr. Baronovich: Mr. Gant, you are an American. You are a free man. I am not. There is a difference. If I resent the men in London who are ordering my death, then it is a small thing when compared with my resentment of the KGB.
First Secretary: Mr. Gant, as you would be aware, I am not interested in the life of one rogue pilot with a poor health record.
Maj. Gant: All right. The bait's been swallowed. Let's head north to the Urals.
Maj. Gant: But you want me to fly?
Buckholz: Yes, we want you to fly. We want you to fly the greatest warplane ever built.
Kenneth Aubrey: He did it. Damn, if he didn't actually do it.
[repeated line]
Maj. Gant: Let's see what this baby can do.
Col. Voskov: The American is a dead man, First Secretary.
[last lines]
Maj. Gant: Punching in the coordinates... I'm coming home.
Priabin: [speaking of Mitchell Gant] Obviously, sir, he knows our planes, our aircraft, as well as anyone. He would be a good choice for sabotage or analysis of information. But, perhaps he intends a close inspection of the MiG-31!
Col. Kontarsky: [realizing Priabin is implying that Gant may steal the MiG-31] He *cannot* be here for *that*!
Priabin: [realizing he may be right] No sir. Surely not! He couldn't hope to get away with it!
Col. Kontarsky: Thank you, Dmitri, thank you. Well done.
[to his lieutenants]
Col. Kontarsky: Arrest Baronovich and the others now! And no one is to be let near the aircraft! No one! You understand?
[explosions rock the hangar, alarm bells sound]
Col. Kontarsky: [stunned] No!
[a pair of guards show Kontarsky a drawing of Gant in his disguise, and confirm Gant ordered an extra dog patrol]
Col. Kontarsky: [looking at the drawing] Wait - I have seen this man... and he confirmed those same orders to me!
Upenskoy: [indicating a gun] : You can use this?
Maj. Gant: Yeah, I can use it.
Upenskoy: Good. DON'T, unless it's absolutely necessary.
Maj. Gant: Oh? Where is it?
Buckholz: Russia.
[Gant studies him]
Buckholz: You've got to steal it.
General Vladimirov: But sir, we'll need to know only one thing from you. What do you wish done when the plane is sighted?
First Secretary: Obliterate it! Completely!
Kenneth Aubrey: When the first rumors began to filter out of the Soviet Union some three years ago, our theoretical weapons strategists stood before NATO command to explain - with much confidence - that it would take the Soviets a minimum of ten years to develop a Mach Five aircraft with thought-controlled weapons systems. I stand before you today to explain - with much regret - that we were wrong.
[Kontarsky has arrived in the hanger, and spotted Gant in the cockpit of the MIG-31]
Col. Kontarsky: Doors. Close the doors!
Buckholz: Major, you will be flying the most sophisticated warplane on the face of this earth.
Maj. Gant: [On his "meeting" with the airliner] I may have cut it a little close, but you'll have heard that already by now!
Maj. Gant: [after outrunning two missiles in the MiG-31] Boy, is this a machine!
Dr. Baronovich: You must think in Russian.
First Secretary: You will not, of course, make it to wherever you are going. Goodbye, Mr. Gant!
Dr. Baronovich: Do you smoke?
Maj. Gant: No, not for years.
Dr. Baronovich: [throws a pack of cigarettes onto the table] Learn again, now.
Maj. Gant: [picking up the pack] These aren't even Russian cigarettes.
Dr. Baronovich: Foreign cigarettes in the mouth of the person you are pretending to be will be even more convincing than anything else - even your papers.
Upenskoy: Don't say anything. Your words would be useless, maybe even insulting. Just fly the damn plane.

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