A bereaved woman and her daughter are flying home from Berlin to America. At 30,000 feet, the child vanishes, and nobody will admit she was ever on the plane.

Fiona: Are you in the airline business?
Kyle: What?
Fiona: You seem to know our aircraft design...
Kyle: Yeah, I'm an engineer... I work for EliginAir.
Fiona: Based in Berlin?
Kyle: Look, I know you're here just to keep me calm, but the problem is not that I'm anxious, the problem is that my daughter is missing and no one can tell me where the hell she is!
Kyle: I'm sorry... so you have any kids?
Fiona: Do nieces count?
Kyle: [with a forced laugh] Yeah, almost.
Captain Rich: Miss Pratt, there are 425 passengers on this flight who are not receiving any attention at the moment because every one of my flight attendants are looking for a child that none of them believe was ever on board! If you think we could be doing more to meet your needs, then I suggest you take it up with customer service after we land.
Carson: What are you going to do? Blow us both up?
Kyle: No. Just you.
Julia: What kind of food do they have?
Kyle: On the airplane?
Julia: In America. Grandma and Grandpa.
Kyle: The best!
Julia: Do they have toast?
Kyle: [chuckles] Of course.
[repeated line]
Kyle: Where's Julia?
Captain Rich: [coldly] A teddy bear does not constitute an inaccurate passenger manifest.
[to his children, as they have a pillow fight]
Mr. Loud: I wish you guys would do that with bricks once in a while. That way it would end faster!
Captain Rich: I am responsible for the safety of every passenger on this plane -
[looks at Kyle]
Captain Rich: even the delusional ones!
Kyle: [to Carson] Where is she? WHERE DID YOU PUT HER?
Kyle: Have you seen my daughter?
Stephanie: [over the public address] Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sorry to interrupt, but we've got a first to report. It seems our aircraft is big enough to lose a child in. Her name is Julia Pratt, six years old, she is wearing a navy blue jumper. If she's anywhere near you or perhaps playing with one of your kids, please press the call button now. We've got an anxious mom up here. Thank you.
Therapist: She needs a moment on her own.
Carson: Is she any kind of threat to herself?
Therapist: No, no. No, no.
Carson: Should I take her belt and shoelaces?
[to Kyle]
Carson: Hey, are you watching this movie? Not too funny. 'Course at 36,000 feet, you can't just up and walk out of the theater, can you?
[first lines]
Mortuary Director: [in German, subtitled] Would you like a moment of privacy before the casket is sealed?
Kyle: [hesitantly] Okay.
Kyle: There's nine closets on this plane. Right? There's four up and there's five down. And nobody's checked any of them. There's seven galleys, there's the crew quarters, there's the holds. And kids can find places like that!
Obaid: [Obaid has had to prove to most of the passengers he didn't kidnap Kyle's daughter] Satisfied? Then I guess you'll have to find a few other Arabs to harass.
Carson: Hey! Your husband didn't jump off that roof! He flew!
[last lines]
Julia: Are we there yet?
Kyle: Not yet. Almost. Here. Hop on up.
Carson: The only piece of evidence is this
Carson: tall, and will soon be vaporised!
Fiona: A six-year-old girl... climbing into avionics?
Stephanie: [after opening the avionics hatch] This is really silly.
Captain Rich: This is procedure.
Stephanie: Captain.
[Fiona hands her a flashlight]
Stephanie: Thanks.
Carson: You just scared the shit out of 400 passengers, people who didn't plan on spending the night in Newfoundland!
Carson: You know, people will think what I *tell* them to think. That's how authority works.

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