Gregory Corso — American Poet born on March 26, 1930, died on January 17, 2001

Gregory Nunzio Corso was an American poet, youngest of the inner circle of Beat Generation writers... (wikipedia)

I just trust people and they sense everything's gonna be alright.
They, that unnamed 'they,' they've knocked me down but I got up. I always get up-and I swear when I went down quite often I took the fall; nothing moves a mountain but itself. They, I've long ago named them me.
The judge said I was a menace to society because I had put crime on a scientific basis.
The lucky thing was that I was Italian; when the other Italians saw me fight back, they came to my defence.
The other guy I dug a lot was Burroughs because he was a smart man already; he learned it through the druggie pool - the street scene of an old aristocratic kind of man.

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