Michael De Luca — American Producer born on August 13, 1965,

Michael De Luca is an American movie producer and screenwriter. He has been nominated for three Academy Awards... (wikipedia)

'Social Network' is a good story with human experience connective tissue that makes it ageless.
I learned in a very public setting what works and doesn't work for a healthy lifestyle.
The movies were so healing for me because I had such an isolated, lonely childhood. Going to the movies and having the lights go down, you disappear. If you have esteem issues, suddenly you're in a void where nobody can see you. You are just by yourself in that darkness, and your loneliness is cured.
I don't sweat the Internet. You know, it's still something I enjoy as a movie geek myself to get on and, like, look at all the websites; however, when it comes to marketing a movie, the Internet is still not the thing that gets people to the theatre.
Any time you can be with like-minded people, laughing or crying over the same joke or the same scene... For me, it's therapeutic. You just feel a little less alone on the planet.

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