(SIRIUS 6B, Year 2078) On a distant mining planet ravaged by a decade of war, scientists have created the perfect weapon: a blade-wielding, self-replicating race of killing devices known as... See full summary¬†¬Ľ

Hendrikkson: Things ain't what they used to be.
Hendricksson: Jefferson, you must be confusing me with someone who gives a shit.
Jessica: We can smile, we can cry. We can bleed... we can fuck.
Becker: [about Ross] He's one of them.
Ross: He's a fucking toaster!
Becker: "When he's best, he's a little worse than a man, and when he's worst, he's little better than a beast."
Hendricksson: Oh, that's real good, Becker. I never knew they put Shakespeare in comic books.
Hendricksson: What are we doing? What in God's name are we doing Chuck?
Chuck Elbarak: We don't know if it's true about Green, I mean we just saw...
Hendricksson: We saw bullshit is what we saw. You know as well as I do they can send us anything they want. Hell, they can make a goddamn hologram out of a dog and pony show.
Chuck Elbarak: That kid doesn't know policy, he's a grunt...
Hendricksson: Get your head outta the lilacs man.
Chuck Elbarak: What do you expect me to believe here? That we're being dumped just like that? That twenty years of death and a stand against the horror up here has turned into a fucking galactic gold rush? Why do they keep sending us provisions? What do you think, that they're waiting for us to grow old and die up here so they can... carry on running the universe?
Hendricksson: Yes.
Chuck Elbarak: Well fuck you, I don't buy it!
Hendricksson: Well wake up man! We are betrayed here brother. We are beached! We're stuck, you heard that kid! Greens been shit-canned and this whole goddamn place is a lie! I mean, they just can't cut us off up here, because too many families on earth would raise hell about it and they sure as hell ain't gonna take us back there! If we sound off about this, nobody's gonna fight their fucking war for them. So they're just gonna let us roll on and on and on up here... until we're dead and we ain't ever getting off here Chuck. I'll tell you something else, Marshall Richard Cooper and his NEB command knows it goddamn well too, and that's why he sent us a goddamn map! And your single, solitary NEB grunt came over here and got his ass shot to stop this thing! They know its pointless now!
Ace Jefferson: Are they alive?
Hendricksson: No one knows. They make themselves now.
Hendricksson: Chuck, we got a new kind of screamer.
Ace Jefferson: They're pretty smart.
Hendrikkson: They don't make them too smart. This one seems to have modified itself.
Jessica: Jessica Henson, Pittsburgh, how do you do?
[first lines]
Screamers Crawl Narration: [voice over narration] For the last fifty years, the new economic block, the 'N.E.B.' Corporation, has controlled mining operations throughout the known solar systems.
Ace Jefferson: He's a fucking toaster!
Jessica: We heard the screaming, then they got very quiet. Nothing except the smell of death
Jessica: We're gonna die. You know that don't you?
Hendricksson: Yeah, but not today, and not here.
Becker: That's right - Pinnochio's not a real little boy!
Ace Jefferson: What are they supposed to look like?
Becker: You mean who are they supposed to look like?
Becker: You just got out of basic training, didn't you? It's pretty obvious you're a rookie. You think you're the center of the universe but you're not. We're just insignificant little specks, you and me. We're not gonna change the world. we're not gonna win the war. Nobody's gonna care when we die.
David: Can I come with you?
Hendricksson: Well, you're coming up in the world - you've learned how to kill each other.
Ross: Once it gets inside, that's when the killin' starts.
Ross: They're smarter now. That's how they get into our bunker.
[last lines]
Hendricksson: Requesting emergency clearance for Earth. Over.
Ship: Tango thirteen cleared for Earth. Over.
Hendricksson: If you're gonna be a rock, be a rock; don't be a bug!
Ace Jefferson: Aw, don't do that to me man, I nearly - I nearly pissed my pants!
Ace Jefferson: I beg your pardon, Sir. What are they?
Hendricksson: It's a sword, Jefferson. Take a look. They call it a Screamer. It was developed for us by an alliance on Earth to neutralize the war on the ground here.
Ace Jefferson: How do you know it's dead?
Hendricksson: Cause they yanked its brain out.

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