A group of delinquents are sent to clean the Blackwell Hotel. Little do they know reclusive psychopath Jacob Goodnight (Jacobs) has holed away in the rotting hotel. When one of the teens is captured, those who remain -- a group that includes the cop who put a bullet in Goodnight's head four years ago -- band together to survive against the brutal killer.

Jacob Goodnight: I see now...
Margaret: [to Jacob. Referring to Kira in the cage] I'd like you to tell me... why is that whore still alive?
Michael: You know... we're all alone up here.
Zoe: You remember when I said you could do better than Kira?
Michael: Uh huh.
Zoe: Well, I didn't mean *this* much better.
Jacob Goodnight: [nodding, sobs] ... I see it.
Kira: Michael? You didn't have to come back for us.
Michael: I didn't wanna walk out of here alone.
Richie: Can you crack a safe?
Tye: Please. I open 'em like I open your mama's legs.
Margaret: [Flashback. She's made her son look at slutty centerfolds] Did you look at them? Did you see the sin? Do you see the sin? Look into their eyes. The eyes are the windows of the soul.
Melissa: Where are we going?
Russell: Seventh floor.
Melissa: Why?
Russell: Lucky number?
Michael: This could've been a classy joint back in the day.
Melissa: What do you know about class?
Michael: [tries to open a door] It's stuck.
Zoe: Move.
[tries to open the door]
Zoe: It's stuck!
Michael: No shit!
Zoe: [about Melissa] She's the last person you gotta worry about.
Kira: [Flips Zoe off] Bitch.
Zoe: Oh, my god! The mute spoke!
Christine: Watch your ass, slut!
Zoe: What, like the way you watch Kira's?
Richie: This place is a goddamn maze, but I got the blueprints.
Melissa: [Opening her lunch] I specifically asked for no meat.
Tye: Granola Girl's on the rampage.
Michael: Should've left her tofu-munching ass back in County.
Song: [Repeated] Jesus lives for all the children, all the children of the world. Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in his sight. Jesus lives for all the children of the world. Jesus lives for all the children of the world!
Zoe: I'm gonna need drugs.
Hannah: I heard that.
Michael: Anyone for some interior redecorating?
[Starts smashing lights]
Christine: Speaking of shitty deals, whose bright idea was it to put Kira and Michael on this project together?
Williams: What are you talking about?
Christine: What I'm talking about is Kira used to work for that prick out on the streets.
Williams: What?
Christine: Yeah, when he wasn't beating her ass. She rolled over on him and now because of you guys, he's here and he's been fucking stalking her the whole time.
Melissa: God, his hand. What happened?
Richie: You mean The Claw?
Tye: Leprosy.
Richie: I heard chihuahua attack.
Williams: Nice rock.
Hannah: Thank you.
Williams: Why's it on your right hand?
Hannah: I am, uh, test driving it. I haven't given him an answer yet.
Williams: Why? He's decent, right?
Hannah: Yeah.
Williams: Got all his own teeth?
Hannah: [laughs] Yeah.
Williams: What are you waiting for?
Kira: [Michael walks in on her showering] How the fuck did you get in here?
Michael: You should be used to me coming in the back door.
Christine: It can't be him. I shot him in the head.
Tye: Holy shit. Wait a minute, you shot that freak that plucked all those people's eyes out.
Christine: Wait, what does he want with Kira?
Williams: I'm not sure. Last time, he killed all of his victims except one. We thinkg he was keeping her, because she had tattoos. Stuff like crosses, religious markings.
Christine: Kira has religious tattoos.
Melissa: The maid's quarters? Romantic.
Russell: You know what they say. Beggars can't be choosers.
Melissa: Who's begging?
Michael: What's up, Squeaker Tweaker?
Kira: Fuck you, Michael!
Michael: [laughs] Been there. Done that.
[to the rest of the group]
Michael: I used to hit that.
Kira: Is that what you call it?
Kira: This is not what God wants!
Kira: I just can't believe the same asshole that got me locked up is gonna be sleeping down the hall, you know?
Williams: [Taking one of their contraband cigarettes and leaving them the rest] Thanks, girls. Try not to burn the place down.
Christine: The windows in the kitchen lead out to the atrium.
Kira: Yeah, but don't they have ba...
Christine: No, no bars. There's an opening in the wall. It's gotta lead somewhere. Dog got out.
News Reporter: It's, it's indescribable. This, this horrific crime scene where a rookie officer has been savagely hacked to death at this dilapidated residence...
News Reporter 2: In what authorities have described as a gruesome crime scene. Two officers entered this abandoned building earlier this afternoon. What they found inside is simply too grisly to obtain.
News Reporter 3: This young officer who lost his lide in this attack has not been identified, pending notification of next of kin.
News Reporter 2: Williams risked his own life to rescue the young woman being held hostage on the premises. So far, the remains of seven human bodies...
News Reporter 4: So far, seven human remains have bben unearthed, all with the eyes grotesquely removed in what police are saying is one of the most diabolical crime scenes ro rock this state...
Richie: [He and Tye find a dead body] Where the fuck are his eyes?
Zoe: All this for Russell?
Melissa: He's interested in my views.
Zoe: Is that why he keeps looking at your ass? My girl even shaved her hairy legs for this guy!
Melissa: Yeah, well I was getting a little sick of the natural look, anyway.
Zoe: If you call looking like a Hobbit natural.
Hannah: [Switches her engagement ring to her left hand] I guess I'm not waiting on anything.
Melissa: [Michael throws a can at a stray dog she's trying to feed. It runs away] Fucking moron!
Michael: [laughing] What?
Melissa: He's starving!
Michael: What? He's a fucking stray dog. Who gives a shit?
Zoe: [Michael offers Melissa some weed] Hommeade aspirin? Hell yeah.
Michael: How about it, Granola Girl? It's organic.
Zoe: Bring it on.
Zoe: [to Michael] So you and Kira used to be a thing, huh? You know, you could do better.
Margaret: Michael, is it?
Michael: Yeah. You want me to be shot-caller?
Margaret: No, no. We want you to your mop. The lavatory's over there.
Williams: I'm glad you got cleared for this project, Christine. Out of everyone here, I think you got the mosr potential.
Christine: Do you, now?
Williams: I've seen everyone's file. I know your story; why you attacked your stepfathar, what happened to your sister. You got a shitty deal.

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