A dying real estate mogul transfers his consciousness into a healthy young body, but soon finds that neither the procedure nor the company that performed it are quite what they seem.

Albright: Immortality has some side effects.
Damian: What's that?
Nurse: Something to stop your heart.
Damian: What?
Nurse: Something to stop your heart!
Albright: You never asked the right questions.
Albright: There is no science, no progress, without sacrifice.
Albright: Without me your mind will relapse. And we both know who takes over.I'm the only one standing between you and oblivion.
[first lines]
Young Damian: It didn't work.
Albright: It will take a few days, but it gets easier.
Albright: That was his choice, the only way to save his kid.
Albright: You've built en empire from the ground up. People will insist that your buildings make you immortal.Now, as you slip away, do you feel immortal?We offer humanity's greatest minds more time to fulfill their potential. Designed to offer you the very best of the human experience.
Damian: It's alive?
Albright: An empty vessel.
Albright: Stop taking the medication, and... Your mind fades into oblivion. Madeline can have her husband back. But... keep going, push on and each dose that you take erases a little more of Mark. His army training, his instincts, after a year or so, they'll be gone forever.

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