In Depression-era North Carolina, the future of George Pemberton's timber empire becomes complicated when he marries Serena.

Serena: I think you've taken none months to do about six months' work. But a few changes should greatly increase profitability.
Buchanan: What did you find, wife or a partner?
Pemberton: Both.
[last lines]
Sheriff McDowell: [knocking] Mrs. Pemberton? Mrs. Pemberton, you need to come out and identify your next of kin.
Sheriff McDowell: All right. Let's take him away then. Come on, boys. Get back to the car.
[car doors slamming]
Sheriff McDowell: Got anything to add?
Galloway: It was an accident.
Sheriff McDowell: How do you know that?
Galloway: He ain't a good enough shot to do it on purpose.
Sheriff McDowell: The logging barons always cry "jobs" and "free enterprise," but the truth is, you barely pay enough to put food on the table!
Pemberton: Oh, we pay more than any job these men can get, and that's why there's a line fifty-deep every time there's an opening.
Sheriff McDowell: Openings? Yes, you always have openings, don't you, Mr. Pemberton? Because your camps have killed more men than the war between the States.
[first lines]
Pemberton: Hell, that dog's bigger than that. I thought you said there were panthers here.
Galloway: I ain't seen a panther in these mountains for nine years.
Pemberton: What about the carcass we found up in Noland? Something mauled that.
Galloway: That weren't no panther. Chest weren't torn open. They eat the heart first.
Pemberton: You find me an honest-to-God panther to hunt, and I'll give you a $20 gold piece.
Galloway: If there's a panther still around here it's likely touched by the devil. They end up hunting you.
Pemberton: Well, I want one.

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