Tensions rise within an asbestos cleaning crew as they work in an abandoned mental hospital with a horrific past that seems to be coming back.

[last lines]
Doctor: And where do you live, Simon?
Mary Hobbes: I live in the weak and the wounded... Doc.
Gordon: You!
[points at Phil]
Gordon: You come with *me.*
Phil: Hey!
[points back at Gordon]
Phil: Fuck *youuuu.*
Mary Hobbes: [disembodied voice of Simon, as Gordon sleeps] Hello, Gordon. You know who I am... *Do it, Gordon.*
[He awakens in fright]
Mary Hobbes: [masculine voice] Hello... Doc.
Doctor: Simon?
Mary Hobbes: [masculine voice] You know who I am.
Doctor: Billy, where does the Princess live?
Mary Hobbes: [voice of Billy] In the tongue.
Doctor: Why the tongue?
Mary Hobbes: [voice of Billy] Because she's always talking, sir.
Doctor: And where do you live, Billy?
Mary Hobbes: [voice of Billy] I live in the eyes - you know that.
Doctor: Remind me, though. Why the eyes?
Mary Hobbes: [voice of Billy] Because... I see everything, sir.
Doctor: And where does Simon live, Billy? Where does Simon live?
Mary Hobbes: [Silence]
Bill Griggs: This is where they'd keep the extreme patients. The psychotics... You know what they called Ward A? "The snake pit."... Either of you guys scared of the dark? Come on, over here.
[Bill Griggs and Phil walk away together]
Mary Hobbes: [disembodied voice of Simon] Hello... Gordon.
Phil: [calling from a distance] Gordy?
[shining flashlight]
Phil: It's me, man! Come on!
Phil: He was a liability. I mean, he brought it on himself... Didn't he? I mean, it's typical. Typical Henry: The wrong place, at the wrong time.
Gordon: You did this?
Phil: Gordon! I need you to wake up, and take a really, *really* good look at him... You know what I wouldn't do? I wouldn't tell anybody about this, because if they find out about Hank, they're going to find out about the others.
Gordon: I hit Wendy.
Phil: What?
Gordon: It was Friday night. I wanted to celebrate gettin' this job. I had the flowers, I had the champagne. I went into the kitchen. She was cookin' pasta. I wanted to kiss her. She turned around and before I knew it, there was a pot of boiling water all over my leg. And I don't know if it was the dog barkin', I don't know if it was Emma cryin', but I slapped her. I hit my wife. I love my wife. It was an accident. But I slapped her for it.
Phil: Look, you know what, can I ask you a quick question?
Security Guard: Yeah, sure.
Phil: Um, when was the hospital actually closed?
Security Guard: '85.
Phil: '85. Yeah, because, you know, I'm curious, because, you know, they got you, and you got the fire-arm on, and it's not like people are trying to get out, right?
Security Guard: No. No, not out - in.
Phil: In?
Doctor: [on tape] Why are you crying, Mary?
Mary Hobbes: [on tape] I miss my family. How come they won't come visit, Doctor?
Jeff: What's up with Phil and Hank?
Mike: What's up with Phil and Hank?
Mike: Hank stole Phil's girlfriend! It's a nightmare! You don't wanna get involved! You especially don't want to get on Phil's bad side, he'll give you all the grunt work.
Mary Hobbes: Do it, Gordon.
Phil: [to the crew] Good first day, guys.
Henry: Yeah. If it keeps up like this, we'll all be dead by Monday.
[Phil slaps Hank in the back of the head as he walks by]
Phil: [voice on walkie-talkie] Come back... Come back?
Gordon: This is Gordon.
Phil: [voice on walkie-talkie] We found the one. The one responsible.
[Gordon sets down the walkie-talkie and goes into Danvers]
Mary Hobbes: [On tape as "Princess"] Mary got a doll, and Peter got a big old knife!
Henry: [motioning to Jeff's blaring stereo] Mikey didn't tell you about these?
Jeff: What?
Henry: Rule one: Music creates sonic vibrations. Vibrations jiggle spooj dust into the air. It gets into the air, it gets into your lungs. This music you plannin' on listening to?
Jeff: Yeah...
Henry: Yeah, you tryin' to kill us all? Either turn it off or put on something else. Like Yanni, or John Tesh or something.
Jeff: Who's Yanni?
Mary Hobbes: [disembodied voice of Simon, as Gordon looks out a window towards the cemetery] You can hear me.
Gordon: What's the stupidest thing you've ever done?
Phil: You mean aside from coming to work for you?... Well, I would have to say introducing Hank to Amy. That was pretty fucking stupid. I'd like to have that one back.
Mary Hobbes: [voice of Simon] Good thing his knife was brand-new... Real sharp...
Bill Griggs: They'd soak the nut-jobs in ice water, or they'd give 'em a lobotomy.
Phil: We'll take the tunnels. They're safer.
Jeff: "Safer"?
Jeff: What's your point?
Henry: Just have an exit plan, dude. You stick with this job too long, it'll mess you up, man. It gets inside of you - the stress.
Doctor: Why did you do it, Simon?
Mary Hobbes: [masculine voice] Because Mary let me, Doc. They always do. They always do.
Henry: What are you... doing... here?
Mike: I need you to go downstairs and check the breaker box.
Jeff: ...I can't do that.
Mike: Why?
Jeff: I got nyctophobia.
Mike: What?
Jeff: Fear of the dark.
Mike: [incredulous] Okay...
Mike: I'll go check the breaker box. You... just try not to break anything, okay Mullet-head?
Mike: Satanic Ritual Abuse Syndrome. It was big in the '80s.
Mike: He came into her room at night wearing a black robe. He'd take her and drive her to a wooded area where her grandparents and her mother were, and they'd all have black robes on. They'd take them off and group orgies would ensue... and then they'd bring out the newborn. She was forced to watch as her mother would cut the baby's heart out with a stone dagger. She'd drink the blood; others would eat the flesh. The grandfather and father would fuck her repeatedly. She was forced to have abortions and cook the aborted fetuses.
Mary Hobbes: [voice of "Princess"] Have you seen our doll, Mister Doctor?... Mary got a china doll from her mommy, and we can't find it now.
[first lines]
Phil: Gordy? You look tired, man. You look beat. Your turn to feed Emma?
Phil: You think I'm doing a bad job, Mike?
Mike: [indifferently, reading an old asylum journal] No, you're doing fine.
Phil: This used to be a great deal. Steady gigs, joking around, beers after work...
Mike: Hey, look, it says here that eight were committed for "uncontrolled passion."
Phil: [irritably] Then Emma came... Don't look at me like that, man. You know that's why we lost the last two gigs. He's tired, and he overbid.
Mike: [defensively] Gordon loves being a father.
Phil: [his voice rising] Yeah, *now* he does. *Now* he loves it. But it was *never* in his heart. This was all *Wendy's* idea.
Mike: Look, Phil. Just because you say you don't want something doesn't mean you don't want it. Six years ago, I didn't want to be a lawyer, but now I'm thinking...
Phil: Wait. Who the fuck are you kidding? You shuck fiber with us, in there, okay? But that's - that's not what I am talking about.
[With growing anger]
Phil: I am talking about fatherhood. It's screwing this guy's head up, and it's fucking his job up. At the very least, he should've canned Hank's ass six months ago, and you know it! What are *you* looking at? Where do you think you're going, Mike?
Phil: It says here that 19 were committed due to disappointed expectations, Hank, they're talkin' about you.
Mike: [mock-lecturing his fellow crew members] The icepick method. Insert a thin metal pipette into the orbital frontal cortex. Enter the soft tissue of the frontal lobe. A few simple, smooth, up-and-down jerks sever the lateral hypothalamus... all resulting in a rapid reduction of stress for our little patient here. Total time elapsed? Two minutes. Only side-effect? Black eye. Recommended treatment? Sunglasses.
Mary Hobbes: [voice of "Simon," on tape] Mary fell down, Doc... She needed someone to help her. So I... introduced myself.
Mary Hobbes: [voice of Simon] And then... just so her mommy and daddy wouldn't get mad -
[Simon sniggers]
Mary Hobbes:
[Simon laughs uncontrollably]
Mary Hobbes: There was a lot of blood, Doc. Sooo much blood... But Mary wanted to do it. So, she did it.
Doctor: You want to help her get better, don't you, Billy? We have to wake up Simon!

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