A group of friends become involved in a potentially deadly diamond heist.

[last lines]
Sonny: A man once said, an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind. As I was not my brother's keeper, neither was I his killer. I could live the the fact that Vincent was still alive. The question was, could he?
[first lines]
Sonny: When I was younger I wanted to be a priest. I was going into the battle to save men's souls from the evil of the world. But as I got older, I saw the world for what it really was. It wasn't so much who I was going to save, but what was going to save the world from me.
[last lines]
Petey: [ironically] RELAX... I know how to handle a fucking gun!
[last lines]
G Money: I can't have you around here no more... bad for buisness
G Money: [Petey's been shot] I told him not to fuck around with those guns... but he had to be a long fucking ranger
Biggs: Of course I'm right... everything that comes out of my fucking mouth is right
Biggs: I need a god that's got a lotta forgiveness.
[first lines]
William Long: You eye fucking me boy?
Vincent Long: [shooting someone in the groin and stomach] You got off light mother fucker
Dave Hall: [breaking up a fight between Sonny and Vincent] Girls... lets not kiss on the first date
Sonny: [Petey has just shot himself, playing with G's guns] Them fuckin' guns is loaded?
G Money: Man, do you keep a car in the garage without no gas in it?
Sonny: [to a priest saying Dave's in a better place now] How do you know? Have you been dead before?
Sonny: [narrating] As for Petey... well let's just say after my experience... I never ate a hamburger again

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