When Mother Malkin, the queen of evil witches, escapes the pit she was imprisoned in by professional monster hunter Spook decades ago and kills his apprentice, he recruits young Tom, the seventh son of the seventh son, to help him.

Mother Malkin: I thought betrayal was a sin only committed by humans.
Alice: [disappears while Tom is looking away] We will meet again...
Tom Ward: I wonder what monsters have nightmares about.
Alice: Humans, probably.
Tom Ward: [drinking from a bottle] That's disgusting. What does that kill?
Master Gregory: [drinks as well] Cowardice.
Tom Ward: So you're the only one left?
Tom Ward: So you're the only one left, Master Gregory.
Master Gregory: Thank you for reminding me.
[walking past him]
Master Gregory: [seeing the tavern] I will pick up provisions.
Tom Ward: Provisions...
Master Gregory: Liquids. Needed to ward off evil spirits.
Tom Ward: Fermented liquids?
Master Gregory: Lest I forgot, pick up grease, salt, flour, and bacon.
Tom Ward: I'm starting to wish I was a sixth son.
Master Gregory: Good aim.
Tom Ward: I was aiming for your head.
Master Gregory: When you deal with dark, dark gets in you.
Alice: We are not all evil, you know, as your master would have you believe. Some of us are good. Some are bad. And the rest are simply unaware.
[repeated line]
Tom Ward: Wrong question. Wrong questions get wrong answers.
[last lines]
Master Gregory: Do you remember all I taught you? Ignore it. The rules, Tom, do not be bound by them. Use them in your own way. Live your own life. Your destiny.
Master Gregory: Salt and iron, they are crucial. Salt burns, iron burns away the strength of any creature of the dark. Tincture of copper, for flesh wounds. Silverbane, repels witches. Ogre scrotum, for your own enjoyment.
Mam Ward: [to Tom] Remember, all you ever need is inside you. Just don't be afraid to look.
Alice: To be no good at something bad is good.
[first lines]
Mother Malkin: Gregory! Gregory! Have mercy. Release me. Gregory! Come back! Gregory!
Mother Malkin: [seasons come and go] My power returns with the rise of the blood moon. Hell awakens.
Mr. Bradley: [entering the pub] Is Master Gregory here?
Barkeep: Partially.
[indicating which table]

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