During a team-building retreat in the mountains a group of sales representatives are hunted down one by one.

Steve: Shit, I've left Gordon's foot on the coach... sorry mate.
[last lines]
Steve: Foursome?
George: [takes out the rocket launcher from the case] You label terrorist on it, and I'll kill it.
Gordon: [after he's lost half his leg and been in a bus crash] I think I've broken my arm
Steve: You FOUND a pie?
Gordon: Shall I make a cup of tea?
Flamethrower Killer: [yelling at Jill in Hungarian then voice turns sarcastic] Palisade.
Gordon: I cooked it for the whole hour.
Coach Driver: [cursing in Hungarian] ... Bob Marley! Bob Marley!
Steve: Just saw a geezer in a balaklava with a suitcase... No... more of a travel bag.
Billy: Dating's complicated in England.
Steve: English birds ain't complicated. You buy 'em a Bacardi Breezer and they'll ride you like Sea Biscuit.
Steve: [Trousers round his ankles, urinating] Listen - now I know we're mates, but if you look at my cock one more time, I'm gonna kick off.
Billy: What are you talking about? I have not once looked at your winkie!
Jill: You've made a recruitment video for the Hitler Youth.
Harris: [after Steve finds a tooth in the pie] Bit young to be losing your teeth, Steve.
Steve: It's not my tooth.
Richard: What?
Jill: Could it be the cow's tooth?
Steve: A cow with gold fillings?
[the group is at breakfast the day after Steve ate the hallucinogenic mushrooms]
Maggie: Are you still tripping?
Steve: No, no. Why are you naked?
Richard: There are no bears in Hungary. Unless we've crossed the border into Romania, in which case there ARE bears. If we're in Serbia, then... I don't know.
Harris: That's really interesting, Richard. Tell me something: are bears required to stop at borders? Is there some sort of, I don't know, passport control for bears?
Steve: [In response to Bill saying he likes Maggie] No offence mate, but you've got more chance of getting shit from a rocking horse.
Richard: I can't spell success without "u". And you, and you, and you...
Harris: There's only one "u" in success.
Steve: You've got about as much chance of getting shit out of a rocking horse!
Richard: [Talking to Maggie about Palisade Defence, a weapons company] It's a public company. Members of both our governments are on the board. They're not going to do anything immoral!
Gordon: [Steve is eating magic mushrooms, the coach sharply stops] Anyone need first aid?
Steve: I might do in about 20 minutes...

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