Based on real life events, Assassination is set in 1974 and centers on a businessman who decides to take extreme measures to achieve his American dream.

Samuel Bicke: Who are these men? Who are these men, maestro, who keep us waiting at their feet? The meek shall not inherit the earth. The earth belongs to the bullies who do not care how they get to the top, as long as they arrive. I am an honest man, and if that is to be my undoing then so be it... but I will not go quietly.
[trashes the bin]
Samuel Bicke: Slavery never really ended in this country. It just gave it another name... Em-plo-yee.
Julius Bicke: As of this moment, I wash my hands of you.
Samuel Bicke: What happened, Mr. Bernstein... to the land of plenty. When there's plenty for the few, and nothing for the plenty. Is that the American Dream?
Jack Jones: You look like a family man, Sam... not some schmuck with a pussy on his face!
[In reaction to Bicke shaving off his mustache]
Samuel Bicke: My name is Sam Bicke, and I consider myself a grain of sand. On this beach called America there are 211 million grains of sand. Three billion on the beach we call Earth. If I am lucky, if I am lucky, the action that I am about to take
[big smile]
Samuel Bicke: will show the powerful that even the least grain of sand has is him the power to destroy them.
Samuel Bicke: Please let them know, maestro. Let them know I was nervous... that unlike the powerful I was not so arrogant, as to be sure that my actions were righteous. Certainty is the disease of kings, maestro... and Sam Bicke was many things, but not a king. He just wanted to make a change, to stop the lies... and he aimed high.
Samuel Bicke: They can rebuild the White House, but they will never forget me. Not ever.
Samuel Bicke: Mr. Bernstein, sir there are people who sit and wait their lives away on the promise of the dream that will not come... they are the sheep.
Samuel Bicke: I wanna throw an idea at you. Zebras.
Harold Mann: Zebras?
Samuel Bicke: Zebras. You see, they're black, and they're white. The Black Panthers become The Zebras, and membership will double.
Samuel Bicke: [softly] It's about money, Dick.
Samuel Bicke: It's about... money, Dick.
Samuel Bicke: [loudly] It's about money! It's about money, Dick! It's about mon-ey, Dick! Money!
Samuel Bicke: I'm white.
Harold Mann: Yeah, well we all got to be born something.
Samuel Bicke: What about my rights?
Bonny Simmons: You got a right to be mad.
Samuel Bicke: [desperately upset] I'm just, I'm trying to keep my family together... and that little guy can't do it anymore, he just can't do it anymore. Because there's is, there's a cancer... in the system, the whole system has a cancer and I'm being punished because I resist. But somebody has to resist, just somebody has to resist.
Samuel Bicke: It wasn't like a light bulb, really. It was more like an old candle, you know, just a plain, simple idea.
[first lines]
Samuel Bicke: Testing. Testing. Testing. One, two, three. Mr. Maestro, Leonard Bernstein, tape number one.
Samuel Bicke: The government is looking for black business men.
Bonny Simmons: I been here 15 years and they ain't found me yet.

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