After an explosion in space and subsequent two-minute radio-out period, two astronauts return home to their wives. Slightly it's revealed that they're not the same as they were.

Nan: Men are like parking spaces: all the good ones are taken, and the available ones are handicapped.
Spencer Armacost: [appears out of no where] Shh shhh shhh. Don't talk. Don't say a word honey. You're fine, you're fine now. They're still inside you Jill. They're right where they need to be. And we are never going to mention what you tried to do... what you tried to do with them pills, ok? Doesn't exist. Never happened Jill.
[Jillian tries to talk but Spencer interrupts]
Spencer Armacost: I don't want to hear a peep out of you. You hear me? I love you so much. I don't know what I'd do if anything happened to you or the babies. Now you just keep quiet, and you rest. I'm here with you. I'm always going to be here Jillian. Always.
[He kisses her on her forehead and nose]
Spencer Armacost: Now you sleep. Good girl.
Nan: I don't get it, we grew up in the same house. You land Johnny Rocket Boy, I keep getting different versions of Throws-Up-on-Himself Elmo.
Jillian Armacost: Do you know the story of the princess whose beloved prince dies in battle? The enemy prince after overrunning the castle finds the princess and forces himself upon her. Months later the princess is with child... but whose? It's either the child of her enemy, the man that killed her husband, the man that raped her... in which case she will kill herself and the child. Or it's the child of her prince. The only thing she has left of him, a part of him still alive within her kept safe inside her, in which case... But how would she know until it was too late? How will she know until the child is born and she can see its eyes?
Spencer Armacost: [Sees Jillian's feet submerged in water, a extension cord in her hand and the radio cord in the other warning him that she is going to plug it in] Jesus fucking Christ Jill.
Jillian: Stay away from me!
Spencer Armacost: Why are you doing this to me?
Jillian: I said stay away from me
[She put the cord from the radio close to the extension cord warning him that she is going to plug it in as he moves closer to her trying to avoid the water all over the floor]
Jillian: Who are you?
Spencer Armacost: Who am I? I'm the only one who ever gave a fuck about you. I'm the one who gave you a reason for you to breathe. Im every single fucking moment that ever mattered in your life.
Jillian: No you're not. I don't even know you.
Spencer Armacost: No? Well I'll tell you what. There was a time I remember when you didn't want me to go up there. And you begged me not to. Remember how scared you were? And I told you then, that I was going to bring back with me a little piece of heaven. And you cried. You remember that? Well fuckin' A! I did it! What do you think is inside you? I gave you heaven.
Jillian: [shakes her head] No you didn't. You're not Spencer.
Spencer Armacost: [Spencer backs away as the water flows toward him] It don't got to be like this honey, please. Come on now.
[Reaches his hand out expecting her to grab it]
Spencer Armacost: Step out of the water. Please baby, get out of that water.
[as Spencer hand is out, Jillian sees the nail marks that Nan made in Jillian's "dream" of Spencer killing Nan]
Spencer Armacost: Come on.
Spencer Armacost: Please.
Jillian: [wispers] Oh my God! Nan! Oh my God! You killed my sister.
[she pauses as tears run down her face]
Jillian: You killed my husband.
Spencer Armacost: Whatever you see, I see. Whatever you know... I know.
Spencer Armacost: I love you, Jillian.
Jillian Armacost: No, you don't
Spencer Armacost: What were you going to do to 'em?
Jillian Armacost: [crying] No... no. You- you heard them? Oh God!
Spencer Armacost: [screams] What were you going to do?
Spencer Armacost: What I am is a true American hero. Now, the President of the United States of America said that, and you heard it.
Sherman Reese: He's not your husband, not anymore.
Spencer Armacost: There is something I need to tell you, Jill... about what happened. All there was... was the cold. I knew what the cold was... it was death. Then the cold faded and then I felt warmth. It was the warmth of you.
Spencer Armacost: Don't say a word, honey. You're fine. You're fine now.
Second Woman: He rubs your feet?
Spencer Armacost: What are you hiding from me?
Sherman Reese: Something happened up there that these men did not train for!
Spencer Armacost: Well I told that bloated fast food eating motherfucker that we'd have never gotten the chance to be heroes if he hadn't forced us to put that peice of shit exploding sateliette up into orbit.
Jillian Armacost: And then what happened?
Spencer Armacost: Oh you know, he said he'd never been spoken to like that before by anybody and I said I didn't give a big hairy rats ass and if he ever called me again I would track him down, rouse him from his bunk, pull his pants round his ankles and spank him with a coathanger right there in front of his wife and children!
Jillian Armacost: Wanna tell me what you really said to the president?
Spencer Armacost: Yeah, I thanked him for his call and I asked him what he was wearing. And, uh, he started breathing kinda heavy, made a funny noise and hung up.
Spencer Armacost: Now, she got balloons, why didn't I get no balloons?
Jillian Armacost: Coz you got candy
Spencer Armacost: I ain't got no candy, where's my candy?
Spencer Armacost: I couldn't sleep. I was just listenin' to some music.
Spencer Armacost: I don't believe I could take much more of this honey.
Capt. Alex Streck: Spencer? Spencer... Spencer what is that? Did you feel that? My God what is that?
Jillian: He's hiding inside me.
Spencer Armacost: It's just a nightmare, baby. You talk when you sleep.
Jillian Armacost: What was I saying?
Spencer Armacost: Couldn't tell. Didn't sound like words really. More like sounds.
Jillian Armacost: I'm scared.
Spencer Armacost: Well I'd think it would be strange if a first time mother wasn't scared.
Jillian: You killed my husband.
Spencer Armacost: Yeah. I did. And then I fucked his wife.

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