Chaos breaks out in a small Maryland town after an ecological disaster occurs.

Activist: There's forty-five million pounds of chicken shit dumped into the bay each year.
Activist: I mean look at that, that's entirely made of chicken shit.
[last lines]
Officer Jimson: [taking aim at a fellow officer] I'm not gonna let you die this way
[last lines]
Sheriff Lee Roberts: Put that gun down deputy...
[last lines]
Officer Paul: Jim it's me... it's
[is cut off by gun-shots]
Dr. Williams: This is Dr. Williams in Communical Disease. You believe you may have a bacterial case?
Dr. Abrams: Not one, we have thirty.
Dr. Williams: What?
Dr. Abrams: I have thirty people in my waiting room right now.
Dr. Williams: What are the symptoms?

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