When three redneck brothers agree to help a woman save her godson from an abusive stepfather, they become targets on the run from an odd cast of characters.

Carlos: They shot my motherfucking maid!
Brick Oodie: Here they come! Strap in Rob, here they come, boys!
[the Hood Pirates drive by, dropping a tear gas grenade into the brothers' car and ripping off the door with a grappling hook. When Brick brakes the car to a stop, Rob is gone]
Brick Oodie: They took the kid! I thought I told you to strap him in!
McQueen Oodie: They took the fuckin' door, man! I really don't think a fucking seat belt would have mattered, right?
Brick Oodie: [looking at Rob] You okay?
[Rob can't speak]
Brick Oodie: See? He understands us.
McQueen Oodie: How do you get "I'm okay" from that?
Brick Oodie: [to Rob] Hey, look, buddy, we ain't gonna hurt you. Celeste sent us. You know Celeste? Hey! See, he understands us just fine.
McQueen Oodie: Once again, how the hell you know what he's sayin'? You the 'tard whisperer?
Brick Oodie: Say that again, I'm gonna kill you.
McQueen Oodie: I'm not...
Brick Oodie: Say that again, I'm gonna kill you.
[as the brothers say their goodbyes to Rob and Celeste, Rob types on Lincoln's speech-box]
Rob: [electronic voice] Thank you.
McQueen Oodie: [grins] Well, ain't that some E.T. shit!
Brick Oodie: [as McQueen questions him about the job] Why you askin' me so many goddamn questions? Hell, it's a damn simple smash-and-grab! We smash our way in and grab Rob!
[in the backseat of the car, Lincoln wakes up]
Brick Oodie: Sorry, Lincoln, but your faggoty little brother won't shut up!
McQueen Oodie: Hey, I'm inquisitive! Is that a crime?
Brick Oodie: [laughing] "Inquisitive"? Where'd you learn that word, huh? You went and read a book?
McQueen Oodie: It's in my lexicon!
McQueen Oodie: Welcome to the South, motherfuckers!
[During the break-in at Carlos's house, McQueen fires blindly through a door, then kicks it open and finds Carlos's maid lying on the floor]
McQueen Oodie: Oh, shit. My bad, lady. You okay?
[No response from the maid, who is plainly dead]
McQueen Oodie: My defense, you do work for an asshole.
Montane: And this time... try not to hit the motherfucking baby.
Montane: Hood Pirates, mount up!
Rose: [lifting a shotgun] Well hi, big boy, here's *my* boomstick!
[after finishing their latest hit]
Jez: That was quick. I didn't even get off.
Rose: This one's for Carlos.
Jez: Well, that makes it better.
[the Hood Pirates' and the Oodie's car speed past a police car, guns blazing. The deputy in the passenger seat quickly turns on the siren, Officer Brown just as quickly turns it off]
Officer Brown: [off the younger deputy's look] No... no, indeed. Hell, no.
[Brick reveals to McQueen and Lincoln that they once had a younger brother who was disabled like Rob]
McQueen Oodie: How'd he die?
Brick Oodie: I don't know. He was there one day, gone the next. I asked Daddy about it one time, but that went over like a fart in church.
Diggs: Here they come, just like you said!
Montane: Hey, who the driver?
[to Rob]
Montane: You want to see this? We're about to fuck your babysitters up!
Carlos: Doesn't anybody know how to use finesse anymore?
McQueen Oodie: [about Rob] Why you reckon God would make someone like him?
Brick Oodie: What?
McQueen Oodie: Why would God let someone be wronged up like that?
Brick Oodie: I don't... hell, I don't know, man. Hell, why you asking me that, man?
McQueen Oodie: I don't know. I just been thinking about it.
Brick Oodie: Don't ask why God made men like him. I wonder why He made men like us.
McQueen Oodie: That was a fuckin' arrow, man!
[before the final shootout]
McQueen Oodie: Hey, Brick?
Brick Oodie: Hmm?
McQueen Oodie: You startin' to think we should have finished school?
Brick Oodie: [chuckles] At least junior high.
[as the Hood Pirates close on the Oodie Brothers' car, McQueen aims a shotgun at one of them]
McQueen Oodie: Hey, Waterworld! You'd better back the fuck up!
[last lines]
Carlos: This better be a box full of fucking cash.
[opens the box and sees what's inside]
Carlos: [laughs] You bitch!
Brick Oodie: [aims a gun at Chogan's head] You're about to have a bad day, John Redcorn.

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